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If you would like to discuss the impact Brexit may have on your business with us you can contact us here.

Navigating Brexit

Understanding your Risk and Readiness

The UK public's decision to vote to leave the EU will have an unprecedented impact on business. Policymakers, media, investors, customers and employees are all watching how you will react.

In the post-Brexit vote reality, every major relationship, public position and strategic or operational assumption must be re-evaluated. The communications challenge for business at this pivotal time is to focus more than ever on the things that matter most: developing the messages, systems and relationships that will protect and build reputation in post-Brexit environment.

Successfully navigating Brexit will be fundamental to business performance going forward. This guide will help you to understand where you are most at risk and help to highlight how to best prepare for the months and years ahead.

the 5 key tests

Edelman's Navigating Brexit guide will help you to understand your risk and readiness across five key communications disciplines:


How prepared you are to participate in the debate to forge a new settlement for the UK and your understanding of how it may affect you


Could your corporate reputation be exposed by the Brexit decision and whether you have the necessary plans in place to address this


Whether you understand employee opinion on the Brexit decision and your engagement with employees on the issue


Your knowledge of the new stakeholder landscape and preparedness to operate within it


Assessing whether your old ways of communicating are still effective and where they may need to be updated

You will be asked a total of 30 questions across these five areas, the results of which will be benchmarked against an industry average. Half of these questions will assess your awareness of the challenges your business may face, the other half your readiness to address them.

About You

To benchmark your risk awareness and readiness, we need to understand basic demographic information about your company or organisation. The size, industry and markets of operation all bring unique sets of risks in a post Brexit vote environment, as well as readiness challenges.

I am happy for my survey data and company details to be used in the study
I am happy for my survey data to be used anonymously in the study
I do not want any of my data used in the study